Discover How To Let Go Of Your Painful Past, Raise Your Vibrational Set-Point and Become Emotionally FREE…

Without Having A Dark Night Of The Soul

From: Aaron Doughty
Las Vegas, Nevada
Hey, Aaron here! 

I used to believe that to raise my vibrational set point and attract what I want...

 I had to go through a very painful “dark night of the soul”...

I also believed that raising your vibration and letting go of your past was very difficult and that it would take YEARS to do…

For many years I was trying to raise my vibration by controlling my thoughts and being “positive”...

But it seemed like the more I "tried" to be high vibration, the more low vibration I felt…

I realized I was missing something...

Not only that, I felt like the more I tried to change the more resistance I felt 

I didn’t know how long it would last and wanted to be done with it all

I discovered that we all have a “shadow-self” 

which is the one thing that's blocking us from feeling high vibration...

and from attracting the life of our dreams…

Your shadow self is a combination of all the negative experiences you’ve gone through in your life…

Whenever you experienced something negative in the past you “resisted” the negative feeling and then it got suppressed into your shadow-self

A lot of advice out there tells you that you have to re-experience all your darkest childhood memories to be able to let go of them...

I don’t know about you but my childhood wasn’t the greatest…

From 7-15 years old I had an abusive ex-step mom in my life who would physically and mentally abuse me and my brother…

So facing all of that AGAIN didn’t sound like fun…

I knew there had to be a better way

After I learned meditation I started to observe my thoughts...

And one day as I was meditating I had an epiphany…

If I can observe my thoughts then that must mean…

I am NOT my thoughts!

This was a huge breakthrough for me because I used to be so identified with my thoughts…

I also realized that I’m not my beliefs either…

Because beliefs are thoughts you have thought of many times with great intensity…

Same thing happened with my feelings…

I didn’t know it back then but your “shadow-self” is made up of your thoughts, beliefs & feelings…

The big reason why most people are struggling to do “shadow work” is because they are identifying with their “shadow-self”...

The KEY is to realize that you are NOT your shadow-self and that’s ultimately what will set you free…

You are a spiritual being having a temporary human experience…

Your natural vibrational set point is that of unconditional love and bliss…

You are not meant to stay stuck in low vibration living a miserable life going to a job you hate…

The reason you might feel stuck in low vibration is because nobody ever taught you how to break free…

 Let me tell you about How I Raised My Vibration and Became Emotionally Free by Integrating My Shadow

I was 22 years old, carrying around the pain of my past, working a job I hated going to each day...
I sold women shoes at a company called Nordstroms here in Las Vegas.

People labeled me as "ADHD" and I felt insecure and like there was something "wrong" with me.

I would drink 4 shots of espresso each day and it would actually calm me down (I know that sounds weird).

The manager I had at the time had the same exact personality as my abusive ex-step mom (who was in my life from 7-15).

She would talk down to me, belittle me and everyone else and control us as much as possible. 

I felt like I was stuck, reliving the same past over and over again.

Sure, the faces changed... but the energy and the feeling of being "stuck" was there more than ever!

I felt like the harder I tried to change, the more life threw difficult situations at me… mirroring back to me that maybe it wasn't worth it.
I felt like any time I made a little change, I would revert right back to the old way of being, wondering...

 "What's the point? Does any of this personal development stuff really make an impact?”

Then I came across a book that changed my life forever.

It talked about our "shadow self" and how it controls our life experience… 

and that the key to raising your vibration and manifesting your dream life, is to "integrate" your shadow...

Once we integrate our shadow, we take our power back

So then I went on a quest to find out how to integrate my shadow and let go of the negative beliefs and emotions that come with it...but although I tried many different processes, nothing seemed to work. 

They seemed complicated and this whole “shadow work” thing seemed too abstract.

That is, until I found a process that combined an ancient meditation technique with a simple shadow work process that anyone can do...
I was resistant at first because I believed doing shadow work would be hard and painful...

However, I gave it a shot. 

Guess what happened?

My entire life began to transform! 

I let go of the pain of my past and felt FREE...

I let go of my old beliefs and started to feel more powerful than ever.

The cloud of haziness of my life lifted… and things became crystal clear.

This simple meditation technique releases even the most stubborn negative beliefs! 

ONE shadow work meditation can change your life forever! 

EVEN if you've never meditated before!
I used to have ADHD and could hardly sit in one spot for more than 2 minutes.

The meditations I am talking about are ones that go DEEP into your subconscious shadow-self and reveal what has been hidden. 

Once you become aware of those negative beliefs in your shadow-self, you become FREE and then things become crystal clear. 

I truly believe that shadow work has the ability to unleash your true power and FREE you from your past.  

The ONLY reason you are stuck, feeling frustrated, and not living your DREAM life is because of your unintegrated shadow! 

Once I changed this ONE belief in my shadow-self that "I am not worthy," my whole life changed.

Literally within ONE week, that manager got fired (I'm not kidding)!

We tried to get her fired for years, but she was protected by upper management.
I stopped attracting women into my life who tried to control me, and started attracting love that was so much more meaningful. 

I started to excel at whatever I set my mind to and became a top seller at my job.

I finally felt POWERFUL and Worthy... and from that moment on I realized I could create life on MY terms. 

Fast forward to today - I live the life of my dreams!

I live in a beautiful house 5 houses away from a famous boxer (you def know this person).

I travel the world and eat at some of the best restaurants in the world (I'm a huge foodie).

I destroyed the fear of putting my message out there and going after my dream... leaving me feeling more empowered than ever!

And I do what I love by helping others integrate their shadow and reclaim their power to create life on their terms! 

My Goal is to help you take your power back once and for all

I believe you are meant to live a life of empowerment and create life on YOUR terms. 

The problem is your shadow-self is keeping you trapped in a reality of feeling stuck and unclear as to what to do about it.

I have created the most powerful process I have ever made to help you do this. 

It's called the Emotional Transformation Process

...and it will change your life permanently and empower you to take your power back and live life on YOUR terms! 

I guarantee it or your money back. 

This process will help you integrate your shadow and heal the pain of your past, leaving you feeling FREE and empowered. 
It will allow you to change your negative beliefs... and destroy your fears and doubts so that you can finally move ahead in life, feeling more confident than ever!

Read the testimonials to see how others have taken their power back and transformed their lives
The process is easy to apply and anyone can do it!

The key is making the CHOICE to SHIFT into your true power.

Once you do, a whole new world of opportunity opens up.

New relationships, more abundance and most of all...

The feeling of being 100% worthy, whole, and complete for simply being you.

Money, love and success comes as a reflection of worthiness... and once you change that, EVERYTHING changes!

How can The Emotional Transformation Process free YOU?

What Is The Emotional Transformation Process?

The Shadow Energy Field Integration Workshop

"How To Integrate Your Shadow Without Having A Dark Night Of The Soul"

This section of the course is all about the shadow self. Understanding and integrating your own shadow is the key to emotional transformation. Shadow work requires you to dig deep within yourself in order to heal past traumas. As you change your inner world, you will start to notice profound changes in your life.

The shadow self represents old patterns and traumas from the past that continue to exist within the present moment. Many times the shadow self is the thing that blocks you from experiencing what you want in life.

Step 1 (Part 1) - Awareness

"Awareness Is The KEY"

This section of the course will allow you to work with your emotions in a completely new way. Its all about laying the foundation for you to easily work with practical tools and techniques as you continue along the process.

As you start to observe your thoughts and emotions, your life will begin to change in a magical way. Becoming aware of your subconscious patterning is the secret to emotional transformation, and that's what this section of the course is all about. 

Step 1 (Part 2) - Letting Go Techniques

"How To Let Go Of Negative Emotions"

This section of the course is all about how to let go of negative emotions and negative memories. Many times we have one negative thing happen to us in the past that we unconsciously carry around well after the initial event is over. This usually has to do with events we experienced when we were younger. In one moment we may have decided that "this is who I am" or "this is how I have to feel from now on". 

Our state of being goes on auto-pilot, and this particular way of being becomes apart of our subconscious mind. When we carry around painful past experiences in the present moment, we also continue to manifest painful experiences in the future. The key lies in changing the way you relate to your past experiences. 

Step 2: Emotional Freedom Technique

"How To Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs Using EFT"

One of the most COMMON limiting beliefs people have is that they believe they are not worthy. There are many beliefs that may stem from this premise. Such as:

  • I'm not worth it
  • ​I don't deserve this
  • ​I'm not smart enough to be successful
  • ​I don't have it in me to be resilient/attract what I want, etc

When we get to the CORE of this and begin to let it go, everything in our LIFE can change as a REFLECTION. 

Step 3: Completion and the Emotional Transformation Process

"How To Transform Your Emotions By Connecting With Your Heart"

I will share with you guided meditations that will help you to feel more into your heart center. Connecting with your heart is the MISSING KEY for many people and doing this can powerfully change your energy field.  

Step 4 & 5 - Wiring In Your Story and Emotional Set Point

"Change Your Story, Change Your Life "

The story we tell ourselves consistently is a force that is DIRECTING our lives in a very powerful way. When we become aware of the story, we can then begin to change it. Emotional Transformation is knowing that we are who we choose to be right now and the past only has an effect if we EMPHASIZE the story over and over again.  

As we look to the past, we are actually distorting our memory of it. Neuroscience shows us this. So, instead we can change our story now and as we do that we also change our past. You are who you choose to be in the present moment, not the result of your past.  

"Discover How To Let Go Of Your Painful Past, Raise Your Vibration and Become Emotionally FREE Without Having A Dark Night Of The Soul"

Get The Emotional Transformation Process and Receive These FREE Bonuses!

BONUS ONE: The Vibrational Manifestation Process ($297 value)

This program will show you exactly how to generate any emotion you want at will. I will show you how to to take any subject whether it be money, relationships, health, etc and how to resonate with that reality. I will give you the tools and techniques I personally use to elevate my emotions and attract what I want. 

BONUS TWO: The Shadow Work Healing Breath Workshop ($197 Value)

If you haven't experienced breathwork yet then this is hard to explain. Imagine breathing in a pattern that release SO MUCH stored emotion and after feeling as free as a bird. When I did this I let go of a massive amount of both past pain as well as "control" that my ego was holding onto. This workshop will reset your breathing and you will feel like a totally new person afterwards and that is not an exaggeration. I want you to experience what I experienced when I first did it in Costa Rica, without having to spend thousands of dollars to do so at a retreat center.

BONUS THREE: Complete Chakra Alignment Meditation Exercise ($67 Value)

This meditation will guide you along a process of grounding into your body as well as increasing the energy around each chakra center. You can use this mediation and exercise anytime you want to clear your energy. It is especially powerful if you feel drained as it will help you to feel restored and back at your A-game.

BONUS FOUR: Private Mastermind Group For Accountability ($297 Value)

What we manifest is often influenced by the 5 people we are around the most. When we combine our thoughts with others who think similarly, we create a powerful momentum in energy and it makes it much more likely that we experience what we want. In this group you'll be able to not only connect with like-minded people on a similar journey, you'll also have the benefit of having other people help you to get the results you want/work thought challenges/motivate you, etc. People are always surprised by how much value they get from this. 

My personal guarantee to you…

Your satisfaction is guaranteed by our no-questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee. 

If you’re not 100% thrilled with everything you’re getting today, just get in touch with me directly within 30 days and I’ll promptly issue a 100% refund. 

Here’s what I’m telling you: DON’T decide now if The Emotional Transformation Process is right for you. 

Try it out for a full month risk-free. 

If it doesn’t give you the power to quickly and effortlessly remove blocks holding you back from your dream life…

If it doesn’t unlock the abundance, joy, fulfillment, relationships, opportunities, or whatever else you’ve been waiting for…

If it doesn’t completely transform your life while expanding your consciousness beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed… 

Then I INSIST that you contact me directly so I can give you back every last penny you invested in The Emotional Transformation Process.

Why? Because I’m confident that you’re not only going to be satisfied… but absolutely blown away by the change you experience after listening to these easy meditations just one time. 

Now that I’m taking on absolutely ALL of the risk, there’s no reason NOT to take advantage of this limited-time offer today!

It's Time to Take Your Power back and Create the Life of Your DREAMS! 

Here's Everything You'll Get When You Join Today:

  • Instant Access to the Step-by-step Process for transforming your Emotional Set-Point and Transcending Your Consciousness ($597 Value)
  • BONUS #1: "The Vibrational Manifestation Process" for conditioning your emotions to manifest what you want ($297 value)
  • ​BONUS #2: The Shadow Work Healing Breath Workshop: A complete workshop where you can let go of emotions and reset your vibrational set-point. ($197 value)
  • ​BONUS #3: The Ultimate Chakra Alignment Meditational Exercise for balancing your Chakras and Increasing Your Energy ($67 Value)
  • ​​BONUS #4: Mastermind Community of like minded people who will encourage you and help you with the process ($297)
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: I am so confident you will Transform Your Emotional Set-Point that if you go through the program and don't receive the results you want, you can email me within 30 days and receive your money back!

The total for all this comes to


For A Limited Time, You Can Join For Just


Results People Have Experienced After Listening To The MindShift Meditations:
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